Who We Serve

HiTouch Surface Solutions uses electrostatic spray technology to provide targeted sanitation

where you need it most - in HiTouch areas & common spaces with heavy foot traffic. Our professional sanitation treatment is versatile, safe, and effective against harmful pathogens - including COVID-19 - making it ideal for use in nearly all shared spaces. 


Help restore consumer & employee confidence as you reopen by treating your bar, restaurant, retail or office space. 

Our application process results in a static cling connection to surfaces - providing complete surface area coverage that you don't get from by hand or aerisol disinfectants.


  • EPA approved for food contact surfaces

  • Safe for most fabrics

  • Quick drying 

Modern Dining Room


Your home is your sanctuary.


Let us provide peace of mind knowing all the hard to reach spaces are wrapped with a pathogen killing disinfectant. 

Purchase treatments for your own home, your buyers/sellers or rental units. 


  • Environmentally friendly

  • Safe for pets & most fabrics 

  • Low odor

Beach House
Public spaces

Prioritizing public health and protecting ourselves in shared spaces has never been more important. 


Our treatments can be used to disinfect public restrooms, seating areas, playgrounds and more. 


  • EPA List N approved effective against COVID-19 in 1 minute

  • OSHA/NIOSH compliant

  • Safer bleach alternative

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