Welcomes you back to the table

and is proud to partner with HiTouch Surface Solutions in

Prioritizing your health & well being

Sazio's commitment to your comfort goes beyond great service. In addition to their long standing cleaning & sanitation regiment, Sazio has invested in reoccurring professional sanitation services to provide an additional layer of lasting protection against harmful viruses such as COVID-19. 

Seen this seal around and wondering what's up?

The HiTouch Surface Solutions "Seal of Sanitation" indicates the business or environment you entered was treated with an electrostatic disinfectant spray proven to kill and protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses including COVID-19. Check out our "what we do" page to learn more about the science & process. 

These owners care about their community and are taking extra steps to help protect our shared spaces. Do you have a space to protect? Get in touch with us today. 

Delaware's guidance on COVID-19