You have HiTouch surfaces - we have the solution.

Running a business keeps you busy enough. You need fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to help you navigate the new normal. Our sanitation service gives you an extra layer of security knowing your most used spaces are expertly disinfected - providing peace of mind to you, your employees and your guests. 

Deep sanitation

A routine disinfectant treatment focused  on HiTouch areas meant to enhance existing cleaning protocols to further lower the risk of spreading germs

Effective against

Not all disinfectants are effective against COVID-19.


Ours is and has a 1 minute kill time. 


The disinfectant is charged as it leaves the applicator so it clings to surfaces - providing 360 degree coverage.

Our application process

Electrostatic spray technology ups the game in sanitation. Unlike traditional fogging application methods, electrostatic applicators charge the solutions as it exits the nozzle. This allows the disinfectant to wrap around surfaces, providing complete 360°coverage. 


Our treatments focus on HiTouch zones* and are usually completed within 1 hour - including dry time - allowing you to get back to business quickly. 

*Door handles, railings, chairs, benches, bathroom fixtures, knobs, light switches, standard office equipment,  touch screens, interactive game tops and equipment, common sitting areas, and other zones established with consultation. 

What we use

We use an industry leading,  EPA certified disinfecting and sanitizing solution effective against COVID-19  with a 1 minute kill time. While strong against germs; this product is safe for humans, pets and  environmental friendly.


Product features:

  • Kills pathogens up to 50x better than chlorine bleach

  • Kills mold & mildew 

  • EPA approved for food contact surfaces

  • Non-corrosive

  • Low odor

  • Environmentally friendly