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Protecting Shared Space

HiTouch Surface Solutions is a licensed and insured professional sanitation service company.


We use electrostatic spray technology to provide targeted sanitation to your business’s high traffic zones and common spaces. Our service compliments your existing cleaning protocols to ensure a layer of lasting security against bacteria, fungus, and viruses - including COVID-19. Take your sanitation beyond compliance with HiTouch Surface Solutions. 

We primarily serve all three Delaware counties and may accommodate other regional areas upon request.

Our service helps you navigate reopening

Stay Open

Reopen - Stay open

Disinfecting surfaces after cleaning further lowers the risk of spreading infection. Electrostatic application provides the best possible coverage. 

Putting action

Control in your hands

Wearing a mask & social distancing requires cooperation. This service is one mitigation step that does not rely on others to succeed.

In your hands
Confidence in
Shared Space

Confidence in Shared Space

Our “Seal of Sanitation” provides visible assurance to consumers that you are committed to public health safety.